Home of a Catcoon

I got a very nice gift from Uncle Kage and Gideon
An illustrated story, written by Uncle Kage, with drawings by Gideon
A gift, that makes me very happy =^.^= look and see... Der Kostümträger

Oh, and Kchierath is not as evil as he looks on the pictures below >;)

Only a short sequence of pictures, done at a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) con, some time ago
They illustrate how his moveable jaw and ears can be used to show expressions
Catcoon (Kchierath) Character designed, built, performed and copyrighted by Gregor Hassler (Furvan)

Here you can find a photo story about a Catcoon - possibly Kchierath, time will tell
This is another photo story about Kchierath, how he's actually living
If you like... drop a note in my Guestbook and/or feel free to mail... kchierath@gmx.de =^.^=